Charles M. Knox

Charles M. Knox

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Software developer with 10 years of professional experience across a variety of areas of expertise. Physics undergraduate degree holder. Privacy and Open Source Software enthusiast. Vetted in DevOps/Agile/Incubation environments. Proven ability to architect, develop, and implement solutions that exceed expectations. Detail-oriented approach to problem solving ensures business and customer needs are met. Personal, ownership-oriented mentality drives daily work ethic. Transparency and ethical compliance in all endeavors is integral.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • TBDIntel

    Apr, 2021 - Present


    • New position as of April 2021.

    • Too soon to provide specifics.

  • IOTG RBHE - Software DeveloperIntel

    Oct, 2018 - Apr, 20212 years 6 months

    Wrote multiple compliant, open source, market-ready reference solutions for a variety of retail/banking/hospitality/education use cases to showcase the power of Intel.

  • IT ASE - Software DeveloperIntel

    Dec, 2014 - Oct, 20183 years 10 months

    Infrastructure as a Service, service metrics and analytics, and DevOps sysadmin support for the Intel virtual IT segment for up to 100,000 systems.

    • Docker, Ansible, Python, SQL Server, Virtualization

    • OpenStack, VMware, Drone, CI/CD, DevOps

    • At-Scale EOL Automation (Divisional Recognition Award)

    • Cloud Metrics - Full-stack, large-data, enterprise-wide, financial analytics webapp

    • Enterprise Docker Registry (Divisional Recognition Award)

  • ITIE - Software Developer InternIntel

    Jul, 2014 - Jan, 20156 months

    ServiceNow and OpenStack Platform-as-a-Service application integration, and automated software testing/validation.

    • JavaScript/Jasmine/Java/Selenium/C#

    • Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

    • OpenStack, ServiceNow

  • PEG - Design Verification InternIntel

    May, 2014 - Jul, 20142 months

    Tested fault propagation through modeling and simulations in switching fabric with Perl, identifying bugs and assisting with QA processes.

    • Bash/Perl

    • Team was dissolved by management after arrival

  • Undergraduate Research AssistantArizona State University

    Oct, 2013 - May, 20147 months

    Used Linux and C programming to assist with the scientific method/discovery of decay rates of certain particles in the standard model.

    • Linux/C++

    • Geant

    • Part-time during school

  • Software Developer - InternGlobalMedia Group LLC

    May, 2013 - Sep, 20134 months

    Software and hardware QA, product improvement/development. Systems administration/sysadmin for SQL server.

    • Windows/Visual Studio

    • C#/.NET Framework

Projects Experience

Projects Experience

  • Firefox Containers Helper Extension, Personal

    Nov, 2020 - Present

    5-star rated extension on the Mozilla addon store that provides a suite of extra features that come in handy for managing containers.

    • Lead developer and owner

    • Open Source community collaboration

    • 110+ daily active users

    • Minimal dependencies

  • Septaday iOS App, Personal

    Mar, 2021 - Present

    Septaday is an app that helps you live a healthier, more successful life by providing you with 7 daily tasks.

    • User task completion history

    • Tasks are healthy habits backed by scientific research

    • Expo, React Native

    • Works on web, iOS, Mac OS, Android

  • BananAppeal.co Landing Page/Website, BananAppeal.co

    Mar, 2021 - Present

    A sleek and professional landing page for a small Etsy-based online retailer with some real traction. Very polished scrolling animations combined with parallax effects help showcase the power and speed of modern web design tools.

    • Created in 24 hrs

    • Beautiful frontend-only webpage

    • Scores 100% in SEO/Accessibility/Best Practices; 99% in performance

    • Demonstrates mobile/non-mobile responsiveness

  • jsinvest, Personal

    Feb, 2021 - Present

    Allows you to split stocks according to portfolio allocations that you can customize. Writes the portfolios to CSV/a table so you can use it with other things. A React implementation of the Goinvest project mentioned below. Direct link here.

    • Written in React/Typescript

    • Written in 2 days as a solo side project

    • Uses AWS Lambda to proxy CORS-compliant requests to Yahoo Finance

  • Goinvest, Personal

    Feb, 2021 - Present

    Allows you to split stocks according to portfolio allocations that you can customize. Writes the portfolios to a CSV file so you can use it with other things.

    • Written in Go

    • Written solo as a side project

    • Created out of a need not met elsewhere

  • Gobackups, Personal

    Dec, 2020 - Present

    Yaml-based, rsync/tar.gz/GPG, one-to-many, sequential backup configuration utility with a pleasant web log view.

    • Written in Go and Angular

    • Written solo as a side project

    • Created out of a need not met elsewhere

  • Light Sites, Personal

    Nov, 2020 - Mar, 20214 months

    A markdown-to-HTML server that allows for rapid publishing of documents, with templating and other useful features. Written as a project to learn the nuances of recursion, XML node tree parsing, and tricky unit tests.

    • Written in Go

    • Written solo as a side project

    • >95% Unit test code coverage

    • Lightweight and efficient

  • My (Former) Personal Website, Personal

    Apr, 2020 - Feb, 202110 months

    A full-stack blogging website written for myself and by myself. Replaced by Hugo. Uses simple Markdown files as the data source. Technical discussion available in the link.

    • Angular 9

    • Go 1.13

    • Docker/Nginx/Let's Encrypt/AWS

    • Dynamic Markdown blog

  • Places You'll Go Therapy - Website, Places You'll Go Therapy

    Jan, 2019 - Present

    Client website for a small company operating in Arizona. I also manage their hosting, site TLS encryption, DNS, and periodically consult for them.

    • Angular 8

    • Docker/Nginx/Let's Encrypt/AWS

  • Python Technical Stock Market Analyzer, Personal

    May, 2018 - Feb, 20199 months

    Stock program that processed financial trends of over 40,000 stocks every day. Used Python with Celery to distribute workloads across a cluster of Raspberry Pi's and servers.

    • Python, TA-Lib, Pandas, Celery, MongoDB

    • Analyzed Keltner Channels+other technicals to identify stocks nearing rebound

    • Flask API with user interface for consumable readouts

    • No source code available at this time!

  • Python SQL Server ODBC Classes, Personal

    Mar, 2018 - Jul, 20184 months

    Contains some simple helper classes for interacting with SQL Server. Leverages pyodbc and Microsoft's SQL Server driver.

    • Python, SQL Server, ODBC

    • Dockerized install

    • Worked with SQL Server Linux Docker server

    • Archived, likely no longer works

  • Docker Hub Images, Personal

    May, 2016 - Oct, 20182 years 5 months

    A small collection of older Docker images I curated and pushed to the public Docker hub.

    • Over 400k cumulative image pulls

    • Mostly outdated images by now (as of 2/2021)

  • Compton Scattering Experiment, Arizona State University

    Feb, 2015 - Jun, 20154 months

    An advanced laboratory experiment demonstrating that quantum mechanics supersedes classical mechanics in every day life by taking a radioactive element (Cs-137), piping its released particles at different angles, and measuring the produced energy. One would expect particles to only be going in the piped direction, but instead, they reach the energy measurement target even when piped in a perpendicular direction.

    • Python algorithm identifies energy peaks

    • Python-generated, beautiful LaTeX graphics

  • Additive Synthesis in HTML5, Intel

    Jul, 2014 - Jul, 20141 day

    Created in 4 hours at the Intel Intern Hackathon event in 2014, this is a single web-page that allows you to perform iterative additive synthesis in your browser - we are able to use Joseph Fourier's Fourier Series to add a number of sinusoidal waveforms together in order to approximate a Square Wave or Sawtooth Wave.

  • Cinnamon Utilities Menu, Personal

    Feb, 2012 - Mar, 20121 month

    A very old applet that added a menu for common tasks on the desktop, created for the Cinnamon desktop environment, which is typically used with Linux Mint.

    • Earliest public project in my dev career

    • EOL'ed when Cinnamon added the same features natively



  • General Software Development Competencies
    Git/GNU Make/MakefilesUnit Testing/Code Coverage Scrum/AgileTDD Test-Driven Development BDD Behavior-Driven DevelopmentSDL (Security Development Lifecycle) Software Licenses/Licensing
  • Programming Languages
    Go/GolangPython TypeScript/Node/JSBash HTML/CSSYML/JSON/TOML
  • Web and App Development
    Angular v2-v10TypeScript React/React Native/ExpoJavaScript Bootstrap/CSS/SCSSApp Store
  • Middleware
    Node/Express/Sails JSPython/Flask GoNginx
  • Data Science
    Python/Pandas/Celery/TA-Lib MongoDB/Redis/SQLData Transformation/ETL
  • DevOps
    Docker/Swarm/ComposeRancherOS LinuxDrone/Jenkins Ansible/IaaS/IaCAWS/OpenStack
  • Embedded
    Arduino/CRaspberry Pi MicroPython
  • Security
    Threat modelingSecure Boot/UEFI Endpoint securityEncryption PrivacyTor


  • Extracurricular, No degree program, Various Schools

    Jun, 2019 - Present

    ASU: A Sustainable Earth MCC: Public Speaking
  • Bachelors of Science in Physics, Undergraduate, Arizona State University

    Sep, 2012 - Dec, 2015

    Quantum+Classical Mechanics I, II, III Statistical & Mechanical ThermodynamicsAdvanced Lab I, Electronics Lab Society of Physics Students Club Tech Officer
  • Associates of Arts, Undergraduate, Mesa Community College

    Jun, 2010 - May, 2012

    Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Honors Distinction


  • Lego Blocks at the Edge Intel Software Professionals Conference (SWPC)

    Awarded on: Jan 01, 2019

    Showcased the Retail Workload Orchestrator, which is a complete automation that enables rapid provisioning of a large number of devices at once.

  • Divisional Recognition Award (DRA) - Enterprise Docker Registry Intel

    Awarded on: Jan 01, 2017

    Formed a working group, and created the foundational architecture for the initial version of an Enterprise-grade Docker Registry.

  • Divisional Recognition Award (DRA) - Large Scale Server Cleanup/EOL Automation Intel

    Awarded on: Jan 01, 2016

    Utilized a large Intel IT asset database to assist with the cleanup of over 100,000+ old servers, both physical and virtual. The system utilized automated emails, a message queue system to handle user cleanup requests, and hooks into various services to automatically cleanup without any more user interaction.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • Software Developer, Ethical AI/Machine Learning Involvement

    Sep, 2020 - Mar, 2021

    Software development project lead assisting with making the world a better place, specifically to assist with reducing bias in AI and machine learning models.

    • Project Lead

  • Co-organizer, Intel Small Group Mentoring

    Sep, 2020 - Dec, 2020

    Brought together business and tech members of the Intel community to help us learn and understand each other's technical and business goals, experience, and background.

    • Group co-lead



  • Blog , Self

    Published on: Jan 01, 2020

    A blog that has some fun write-ups I've authored in my spare time, covering topics from healthy living to code tutorials.



  • Software/App development

  • Ironman Triathlon (140.6mi)

  • Health & Nutrition

  • Learning

  • Home Improvement & DIY

  • Privacy & Open Source Security

  • Musician

    aperspection.comElectronic music


  • Supporters

    Visit the public Supporters page on my personal site to see testimonials from people who have made financial contributions to my open source work. You can also see supporters on Buy me a coffee.

  • Anonymous, Senior Software Developer, during Intel

    Chuck is awesome. Honestly what else even needs to be said. He's one of the the most responsible, put-together, forward-thinking people have ever met and he easily meets any challenge presented to him. If you're actually reading these comments to decide if you should hire him just do it, you'll die happy knowing you made the right decision.

  • Anonymous, Senior Software Developer, during Intel

    I had the pleasure of working with Charles for several years. During this time, we were on the same scrum team. As the product owner, I appreciated the contributions that Charles made to the backlog grooming process. He always provided relevant feedback during retrospectives, and when finishing stories early, supported team members in completing theirs. Charles was a go-to member of the team when it came to Docker-based developer practices, and took the initiative to provide training to the team. He assisted in the training of new team members who were not familiar with the CICD pipeline and python coding practices. I would strongly recommend Charles as a great person to work with, an excellent developer, and a learning-centered colleague.

  • Anonymous, Software Developer, during Intel

    Chuck has been a pleasure to work with, he is a great team player and works hard to create quality software with a focus on customer usability. He is very driven to learn and takes great pride in providing quality results.

  • Anonymous, Financial Analyst & Strategist, during Intel

    Chuck and I worked together on an analytics product development project. Chuck was the primary developer and I represented the business requirements. Chuck and I developed a very collaborative, iterative style that allowed us to make fast progress while ensuring results were aligned to the overall end state required. Chuck was quick to understand the core issues that we were trying to overcome and began by developing prototypes that allowed me to visualize solutions quickly. The way in which Chuck and I cooperated on the project enabled us to deliver results constantly, tweak development to changing requirements and maintain discipline on overall project schedules. I found working with Chuck very satisfying as he would continually include me in technical implementation decisions that ensured the business results were always front of mind.

  • Anonymous, Senior Software Developer, during Intel

    Chuck is knowledgeable, technically articulate, and a pleasure to work with. I consider him a subject matter expert in various software technologies; including Docker, container orchestration and Angular (to name a few). This is evidenced by his role as a lead developer/designer of [an Internal] Cloud Metrics application, which to this day continues to be an impactful and powerful reporting tool used throughout Intel. He has been a invaluable technical asset to our team and I am certain he will continue to be a very strong technical contributor to any team he works for in the future.